SAUK RAPIDS -- Money for a new Pleasantview Elementary will be on the ballot in the Sauk Rapids-Rice school district on Tuesday.

The one question is asking voters to approve $37.1 million to replace the school on the current site in Sauk Rapids.

Superintendent Aaron Sinclair says through a series of listening sessions they learned Pleasantview was the number one concern for residents.

One of the biggest struggles with that building it's really the layout of the building, it was built during an era where there are open pods.  Imagine eight classrooms in a circle and each of those classrooms only has three walls and they are opened up to the center of the pod.  One of the challenges is the volume grows as the day goes on.  Also for security reasons, it is not the most secure environment for students.

Last winter a fire destroyed four portable classrooms attached to Pleasantview. Six new replacement portables are expected to be ready for students next month.

Sinclair says, if the question passes, construction could begin as soon as next fall.  The new school would be on the same site as the current Pleasantview.

District residents have voted down two previous referendums.

Sinclair says the referendum that paid for the high school will be coming off the books in five years.