SAUK RAPIDS -- A new after school program at Sauk Rapids-Rice High School will help kids falling behind on their credits. The "Storm Central Extended Day Credit Recovery Program" will give the students a chance to make up credits during the school year and get them back on track to graduate on time.

Superintendent Aaron Sinclair says they are now working with families to let them know about the new program.

We'll work with families to let them know that this is an opportunity for their students.  We think we can keep kids on the right path and on the right course towards graduation.

Sinclair says it is open to students in grades 9 through 12.

A full-time teacher will get extra pay to stay after school and work with the students, which is being paid for with extra funding from the state.

He says, prior to this year, Sauk Rapids-Rice students had two other options, summer school or night classes at the Alternative Learning Center in St. Cloud.

Kind of our thought process with this program was it's right on our campus right after our school day.  It's just a little bit more accessible than the other programs we had been offering previously.

Sinclair says they are hoping to help up to 20 kids right away, and then maybe grow the program from there.

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