ST. STEPHEN (WJON News) -- A Sartell woman was hurt after crashing a snowmobile over the weekend.

The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. Saturday in the 40,000 block of 125th Avenue in Brockway Township, about 4 miles northwest of St. Stephen.

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Deputies spoke with witnesses at the scene who say 66-year-old Kaye Heins had been operating an older, vintage snowmobile.

She had just switched snowmobiles with another member of the group and crashed the newer model several hundred yards east of the roadway on a designated snowmobile trail.

Heins was taken to St. Cloud Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Authorities say Heins' group was part of a larger group of snowmobiles that were participating in a vintage snowmobile run that started in St. Stephen.





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