The Sartell-St. Stephen School District along with the Sartell Police Department and Stearns County Sheriff's Office are asking parents to talk to their children about their behavior both during school and after school after they were made aware of recent troubling events.

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The school district took to their official Facebook account to say, "we have been made aware that students are creating 'fight clubs' and engaging in physical fights outside of school hours and off school grounds. You may also have heard about a variety of 'TikTok challenges' that encourage students to steal/vandalize school property or behave inappropriately to peers and/or staff members."

The district went on to say that the challenges change each month and they would like parents to be informed what they are.

The district is encouraging people to report any activity of this nature to the administration or to a school resource officer.

You can see their full message below.

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