Police Chief Phil Jones and school Liasion Officer Rueben Zayas demonstrate how the whiteboard can be used as a shield for defense.

COLD SPRING — At a news conference that began with images from the 2003 ROCORI school shooting, Cold Spring-Richmond Police Chief Phil Jones showed off a new device designed to help keep kids safe - bulletproof whiteboards.

With the help of the local businesses, the ROCORI school district has bought 193 of the whiteboards, at $300 per board.

They plan to put one in every classroom in all the public schools and private schools in the three communities.  They also plan to give the white boards to other staff like the cooks and janitors.

Superintendent Scott Staska says it's another layer of defense if a gunman enters the school.

Staska says they're still working on training the teachers and the staff on how to use the whiteboards.  They plan to get them in the classroom yet this spring.

They are designed by Maryland-based Hardwire LLC.  ROCORI is the first school district in Minnesota to have the new devices.