ST. CLOUD -- A Richmond woman has pleaded guilty to stabbing her boyfriend with a steak knife.

Forty-two-year-old Jennifer Heimbuch pleaded guilty through a Norgaard plea to 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. A Norgaard Plea is where a defendant claims they were too drunk or under the influence of chemicals to recall the facts of what happened.

The incident happened last February when Heimbuch was supposed to pick the victim up from work but did not show. He got a ride from his boss and when he got home found Heimbuch sleeping in the bedroom.

Records show the man confronted Heimbuch about not picking him up from work when he said she started freaking out and throwing things. The victim told police she was drunk and that he grabbed her hands and told her to get out of the bedroom. Once out, the man sat in front of the door so she could not get back in.

Heimbuch began kicking the door, then went to get a knife and started stabbing the door. The man opened the door to tell her to stop, at which time she stabbed him in the back.

Police used a search warrant and found a steak knife with blood on it inside a vanity.

Heimbuch will be sentenced in January.