WAITE PARK -- News came out this week about the price of Girl Scout cookies going up but rest assured, prices in Minnesota will stay the same.

Girl Scout cookies in California and Massachusetts reportedly confirmed a raise in price this week, causing concern for the cost of cookies throughout the country.

But Tauna Quimby, Director of Communications for Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines, says the price will remain $4 a box in the Upper Midewest.

"[Our council] selects the baker we want to partner with from two licensed bakers," Quimby says. "We negotiate all things with the baker including the price."

"We aren't affected by other councils raising their prices, that has to do with what they need to do to serve the girls in their area."

This should be a relief for Girl Scout cookie aficionados in Minnesota when the selling period begins in February.

"When you buy cookies from a Girl Scout, you're investing in so much more than a box of treats," Quimby says. "You're investing in the future and future leadership for our country."

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