ST. CLOUD -- Getting girls ready for college and possibly a STEM career is a new goal of the Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts of the USA has released 36 new badges, earlier this month, for different ages levels. Hannah McCabe is a Program and Support Manager for Girl Scouts Lakes and Pines. She says the badges focus on areas such as college readiness and math and science fields.

"A lot of them do fall under the overarching STEM field. Some specifics of those, for our older girls we have some college preparation classes, we've got cyber security for a bunch of our levels, environmental stewardship for all of them, mechanical engineering, robotics and some space science."

McCabe says the STEM fields are becoming increasingly popular with young girls and exposing them to as many career fields as possible continues to be one of their main goals as an organization.

"We see that this is both an interest in girls who are coming through our program and we also see that STEM careers are swiftly growing across the country and why shouldn't girls have the opportunity to be filling those careers."

The new badges are in addition to the ones the Girl Scouts are currently using. McCabe says all badges are designed to further the mission of the Girl Scouts, "building girls of courage, confidence and character."

The new badges are now available to troop leaders.

(Girl Scouts of the USA - new badges)
(Girl Scouts of the USA - new badges)

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