ST. CLOUD -- A way to instantly screen visitors to District 742 schools is being implemented district-wide.

The Raptor Visitor Management System is a computer system which can instantly screen anyone who walks into a school against several different databases.

Gary Ganje is the Executive Director of Technology and District Support Services. He says this system has been installed as the district upgrades the entrances at their schools.

"So over the past few years, we've been doing those upgrades. Once we do the new secure entrance we install the system and start using it right away."

The district has been putting these systems in place for around three years. Ganje says the system is already in place at most district schools.

"Currently where we have the secured entrances is North [Junior High], Kennedy, Apollo, McKinley, Lincoln, Madison, Roosevelt and we just put in a secured entrance at South [Junior High] and will be installing the system there."

If a visitor is flagged by Raptor, the school's Resource Officer is alerted along with other district and police staff.

The cost of the system is $1,550 per school. Both the new Tech High School and Quarryview Education Center will feature Raptor once they're finished.

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