ST. CLOUD -- After 100 years, the last actors will take their final bows, raise and lower their final curtains, and take their final applause under the lights at St. Cloud Tech High School.

Students are putting on "Shrek the Musical" for their final show at the old Tech High School before they move into the new Tech next fall. The play is based off -- you guessed it -- the hit movie about our favorite ogre and almost every fairy tale creature you can remember.

The fact this is Tech's final play isn't lost on the student playing Fiona, Madison Leaders. She says it's a bittersweet feeling to know she's a part of the last group of students at the old Tech.

"It's the last big musical that the audience will see here, and we're making history and that's really cool."

Abdullahi Ahmed plays a few roles, including captain of the guard. He says he's honored to be a part of the cast, especially since he's really felt at home on stage.

"I've always loved theatre but been nervous to join. But I've been welcomed with open arms so I really feel like this is my place."

Our favorite ogre is played by Drew Erickson. He says when you check the play out this weekend, you'll see a fun show.

"There are so many moments that are super quirky and super funny. It does a great job paralleling the movie."

Max Marek plays donkey and says you'll get some extras from songs to sides of certain characters.

"We get to sing a lot of pretty interesting songs. And definitely see a different side of the characters you don't get to see in the movies."

These actors will take the stage in Tech's south auditorium Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $10, with students and seniors getting them for $8.

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