COLLEGEVILLE -- As Halloween quickly approaches, the pumpkin patches are ripe for picking that potential jack-o-lantern.

Todd Beumer runs Collegeville Orchards and says they have had a great pumpkin crop this year.

"We have had a great crop this year, but we have also been very busy so we are going through pumpkins very rapidly as well," says Beumer.

Beumer has been growing pumpkins for about 15 years and says growing pumpkins is an easy process.

"A lot of pumpkins only get started late July early August and are ripe and full size by early September," says Beumer.

Each year Beumer plants about 18 variety of pumpkins and they grow to all shapes and sizes.

"There are some that will grow to basketball size and there are others that will end up growing to about 40 or 50 pounds," says Beumer.

Collegeville Orchards holds hayrides every weekend during the fall season and anyone who comes out can pick their own pumpkin.

"On the weekend there is a steady stream of wagons full of pumpkins being pulled out of here," says Beumer.

And even though this time of year gets busy, Beumer still finds time to pick out a pumpkin or two for himself.

"We do try to carve a pumpkin or two each year," says Beumer.

Collegeville Orchards is located two miles from St. Johns University and are open everyday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Pumpkins are ripe for picking that perfect jack-o-lantern. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)