ST. CLOUD -- The Paramount Center for the Arts has some new artwork courtesy of Burt and Cheri Dubow. The couple's donated pieces hang in the lobby of the Paramount.

Burt Dubow says, their collection started in an interesting way.

"We actually, when I was starting out, and knew many starving artists in the St. Cloud area who were also starting out, we started trading of eyecare and eyewear for artwork, so that's how we started out collecting local art."

Along with Paramount Director Bob Johnson, the Dubow's have high hopes for the future of art in St. Cloud.

"That's the idea that we and Bob have talked about, maybe starting a museum down the road, and we thought that is a great idea... so we hope this is the perhaps the start or seed of that idea coming to fruition."

The biggest piece in their collection is a Fresco, a piece of art made with limestone, that weighs four-hundred pounds, and can't be displayed without special accommodations.

The Paramount plans to have that permanently mounted soon.  You can see the Dubow Collection at the Paramount through July 8th.

Richard Leguil, WJON
Richard Leguil, WJON

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