ST. CLOUD - Former St. Cloud auto manufacturer Sam Pandolfo was reburied in a Waite Park cemetery today (Friday).

Pandolfo's great-grandson John Johnson was one of his family members who came to town from Idaho for the service.  He says his family was always aware of Pandolfo and his history, but it wasn't until he first visited St. Cloud two years ago that he realized just how big he was in his day.

A member of Pandolfo's family had to sign-off on the plan to dig up his body and rebury it here.  Johnson says there was no question that was the right thing to do.

Today's service included a funeral procession from the Stearns History Museum over to the cemetery, followed by a short service.

Sam Pandolfo's Pan Motor Company built Pan Cars in St. Cloud from 1917 until 1922.

He died in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1960.

Click on the player to hear our interview with John Johnson:

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