WAITE PARK -- You can take a ride on the Lake Wobegon Trail for a good cause this weekend.

CATA: Anyi Literacy, Translation & Training is holding a bike-a-thon fundraiser in Waite Park Saturday. The organization supports literacy, translation, and discipleship training for people groups of the Ivory Coast who speak the Anyi language.

Kim Koffi says this is the 11th year of the event.

It is a fundraiser, so it does raise funds for the ministry of literacy in west Africa and it provides a sense of community with others who support our cause.

Check is at 9:00 a.m. at the Community Park pavilion in Waite Park. The ride starts at the trail head at River's Edge Park goes to St. Joseph and back.

Koffi says the ride is about having a good time and building community relationships.

We are called to come together and enjoy each others company. With the coronavirus there has been so much isolation and what better way to get out in the fall weather, be with people and do it safely.

Koffi says following the ride there will be a picnic lunch and some time of worship. While registration for the picnic is closed, riders are encouraged to bring their own lunch.

The bike-a-thon is a free will offering fundraiser with proceeds going back to the non-profit organization. Riders of all ages are welcomed and can register the day of the event.

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