ST. CLOUD -- The first ever permanent woman president of St. Cloud State University is WJON's Rush Hour's "Rookie of the Week".

Robbyn Wacker grew up in Colorado and has served in several senior administrative positions since 1990 at the University of Northern Colorado. She has her bachelor's and master's degrees from the same university. Wacker graduated with her doctorate degree from Iowa State University.

She says that she plans on bringing some lessons from her decades of experience in higher education with her to SCSU. Wacker says the lessons she's learned, have given her an important set of principles.

"When you're in leadership positions, it's important you're guided by some principals. One is that you're authentic and transparent, and to be driven by passion in everything you do. As well as being ethical, honest and treating others with respect."

Wacker has been on the job for just a few weeks now. She says her main priority in her first year is to learn.

"To listen, and learn. To understand the history of the university, and the hopes and aspirations of its faculty, staff and students so you can shape a vision for the direction of the institution."

The big parts of her day include working with the state, and community partners to ensure SCSU has the resources needed to function. She says part of that means making sure to be good fiscal stewards with the money that comes in.

Wacker says enrollment and different degree program offerings are her big priorities as president.

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