MANKATO (WJON News) -- Examining the number of suicide deaths, especially in rural counties is the focus of a new report. The Center for Rural Policy and Development (CRPD) has released its new report titled "The Suicide Epidemic In Rural Minnesota: How We Got Here and How We Move Forward."

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The report shows mortality rates in Minnesota and the United States were on the decline up until 2009 when they started to increase. Researchers found the leading cause was an increase in "deaths and despair cases." The report indicates seven factors that have caused it to be more difficult in rural Minnesota including financial barriers, inconsistent Medicare and Medicaid Coverage, and more access to firearms.

The study also provides ideas for moving forward around three themes: the Need for rural cultural competence, Rural culture can create barriers to care, and the Path Forward: what do we do now? CRPD will host a hybrid discussion about the report on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.



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