ST. CLOUD -- Crews at the new Tech High School site are spending the next few months buttoning up loose ends on many projects.

Wiring, carpeting, drywall, painting and hanging ceilings are moving closer to completion.

Program Manager Kyle Walter says they've made great strides in the kitchen area, with putting in the equipment and the food serving lines.

So the students will come in to five different serving lines, pick what food they need then check out. Right behind us is an allergy free station which allows the cooks to cook separately for anyone with allergies.

Walter says they plan to begin flooring the main gym this week, while adding office carpeting and rubber flooring throughout the building later this month.

He says as part of their construction plans, they band area was one of the last rooms to get started, however they are making good progress in those rooms.

This is either the band or orchestra room and the two rooms are mirrored. We will have an acoustical ceiling that goes up and is sheet-rocked, then we will have another ceiling below it.

The auditorium remains a large focus this month as crews have finished with the concrete flooring and are now working on the ceiling.

Walter says he will be meeting with district officials later this month to get a timeline for moving some equipment from the old site to the new school.

The new Tech High School is still on track to open at the start of the school year this fall.

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