ST. JOSEPH -- You may have seen a unique vehicle driving down the streets of St. Joseph.

Opus Motorcar Company is launching their new electric vehicles known as the Opus No. 3.

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The St. Joseph startup company was founded in November by son-and-father team Tom and Sean Skahen. Tom says they wanted to provide drivers with a less complex vehicle at a more affordable cost.

They are nimble, tiny, fit anywhere and there is no stress. It's great for local commutes, we got a 25 mile range and looking at the potential to increase that.

Skahen says right now the parts are ship from overseas and assembled back here to fit Minnesota terrain.

He says the vehicles also include electric windows, a heater, Bluetooth, and a backup camera.

Skahen says their long-term goal is to be able to manufacture the vehicles locally.

We really want to be making our own vehicle, body, glass and that sort of thing. We are making sure the market is ready for it and see what our customers end up using these vehicles for.

He says the vehicles are similar to golf carts and that communities typically have a golf cart ordinance which allows these vehicles to drive on city streets.

The first vehicles will be available next month and cost $7500.

Skahen says with only a limited number of vehicles available, the only way to order one is by attending their Joyride Drive event.

The event will be held on October 16th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in downtown St. Joseph.

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