ST. CLOUD -- If you've been kicking around an invention, or have had an idea for a new business, for a while now there is an opportunity for you locally to help you take that idea to the next level.

A new St. Cloud-based start-up academy is taking applications right now.

ILT Studios co-founder Nick Tietz says it doesn't matter how far along you are with the development of your idea.

It doesn't matter if you have a fully baked idea, a half baked idea, or even a quarter baked idea all of those ideas are welcome.  What we're looking for is people that have a little bit of grit and determination and that they want to solve a problem or go after the opportunity that they are thinking about.

The ILT Academy is free to participate. The deadline to apply is December 16th. The 20-week program will meet Tuesday nights starting on January 5th, and because of the pandemic of the classes will be held online.

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