In this edition of WJON's My Life series I was joined by longtime WJON outdoor reporter and analyst Jerry Carlson.  Jerry grew up in southeast Minnesota in the small town of Lake City.  He loved the outdoors from an early age and so did many in his family.  He'd go hunting with his dad and brothers and fishing with anyone that wanted to.  This passion led him to career in the outdoor industry in television, radio and print.  He also was an elementary teacher for many years in the St. Cloud area where he has lived with his wife Collette for many years.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





Jerry first appeared on WJON and WWJO in 1992 and had been on the air on WJON up until his retirement from radio in December of 2020.  Jerry worked as a guide, host of "In the Outdoors" TV and radio, and helped organize the Governor's Fishing Opener in St. Cloud in 2017.

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