There have been days when my fishing cronies have given me a ribbing for being behind the times on the latest and greatest in ice fishing innovations. I guess it would be safe to say that there may be some truth in all of that. But not entirely.

I have been on the ice enough days over many years to know what I have to do to find and catch fish. For the most part, I have far more good days than I do poor ones. In that respect, I must be doing something right.

I am sure that part of the mild teasing I receive has something to do with the bucket I sit on when on the ice. I like the bucket. It allows me to be very mobile and carry with me only the basics for my outings.

I do have a couple of great Fish Traps that I use when the wind blows and the temperature drops. If I need to, I can be warm and cozy on the ice. However, on mild days, I still like my bucket for its simplicity and efficiency.

When it comes to augers, I was the first one I know to make the jump to an electric and have never looked back. I didn’t get much credit for that, however. What I did get was lots of requests to try the newfangled gadget for themselves. Most of them have their own electric rigs now. Like me, they love the simplicity and efficiency.

I have grown to appreciate the basic spring bobber as part of my panfish presentation. There are days when the tightline jigging approach is still very effective, but I usually start out with the spring bobber.

I have several rods rigged with spring bobbers and it is a good thing. Many times I have had to lend a rig to someone that was struggling with the outfit they were using. Quality spring bobber rigs have been around a long time. I find them to be simple to use and efficient.

I started using tungsten jigs as soon as they came out. Longtime friend, Dave Genz, felt they helped him catch more fish. That was good enough for me.

Although I don’t have dozens of different varieties and colors, I do have an amply supply of the ones I have the most confidence in. I know what works great for me and stick to it. I like to keep it simple.

Fishing is one of those sports that a person can make as complicated or as simple as they want. Both methods will produce results for the right people.

For me, I like to concentrate on the basics. I like my ice fishing uncomplicated and simple. I find that simple frequently leads to efficiency, as well. The combination of these two characteristics helps me be successful.

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