ROYALTON -- It's a school district's worst nightmare, handing a school shooting.

Members of the Morrison County Sheriff's Office, SWAT Team, Royalton Police, Fire and Rescue and Gold Cross held an active shooter training session at Royalton High School Monday morning.

Sheriff Shawn Larsen says having multiple agencies train together is a key piece when handling these types of situations.

It's vital. We learned a few different things together as a group we can improve on. Now it's taking a step further and make sure we train on these additional things to follow up on.

Local law enforcement ran through several scenarios on how to handle an active shooter situation.

Royalton High School Principal Joel Swenson says the experience was a real eye opener and they hope to never have to use the training they practiced.

After an event like this you start asking questions and that's why we do this type of thing. For law enforcement the more efficient and comfortable they are in their training the safer we are.

Royalton Police Chief Adam Gunderson says the ability to watch the situation play out from behind the scenes will be a valuable tool for law enforcement moving forward.

We had an opportunity to watch the training on our cameras to see how quickly our officers moved and how the response with the Sheriff's office was and how we were able to neutralize the assailant.

Larsen says they plan to take back the feedback from the training and work on collaborating with other school districts within the county.