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ST. CLOUD -- As the winter season starts to make it's way to the area, MnDOT is hard at work making sure snow plows are ready to hit the streets.

With 23 trucks to maintain and 60 drivers to operate them, winter brings no shortage of work.

Jeremy Gjovik is the Transportation Operations Supervisor for MnDOT. He says the trucks go through a make over all season long, so they can still operate everyday tasks.

"It takes a lot to prepare a truck. In the morning getting it ready for our daily work and at night preparing for snow and ice."

Hooking up the plow itself is about a two minute job. But technicians are constantly doing routine maintenance work.

"We take all the wheels and brakes off, go through the drive train and comply with all the vehicle laws," says Fleet Maintenance Supervisor Kelvin Smith.

When out on the roads plows can be dangerous to operate. Their large size makes it difficult for them to stop on a dime, plus they have the blades on the front and each side to push the snow.

Amy Staudinger drives the snow plows and says safety for them and the other drivers is important.

"Our favorite motto is stay back, stay alive. We have tons of lights on these trucks and if you see them just slow down."

MnDOT wants to remind you to share the road and always be care when approaching or passing a snow plow.


Snow Plows wait in the hanger until they are called to duty. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)