Minnesota if expected to certify the Presidential Election with Joe Biden the winner of Minnesota's 10 electoral votes.  St. Cloud State Political Science Professor Patricia Bodelson joined me on WJON today.  She says we did not have a close race for President in Minnesota and the certification is typically just a rubber stamp for the what the voters had said.  Bodelson says every state handles certification somewhat differently and that electors could be appointed by the state's Governors, or maybe a elected official currently holding an office.  Listen to our conversation below.


Bodelson says a delay in the certification of the election results doesn't threaten our democracy especially if Joe Biden still has enough certified electors to total at least 270.  Bodelson says Biden isn't officially President elect until at least 270 electoral votes are certified in his favor.  Bodelson is concerned about the transition of power saying security clearance of the new President is needed to allow for a smooth transition.  She says preparation in handling the coronavirus and distribution of a vaccine is also paramount.

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