St. Cloud State Political Science Professor Patricia Bodelson joined me on WJON today.  She says every state handles their elections differently and are allowed to according to the constitution.  She says some states make it a law for electors to vote for the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate that the majority of the voters from the state voted for.  She says some states don't require that and 4 years a pair of electors voted for Bernie Sanders.  She says noting came of it because it didn't effect the final outcome of Donald Trump earning the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election.


The state of Minnesota's electors are gathering today to cast their 10 electoral votes.  They are expected to cast all 10 for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris.  Bodelson says each election is different and different laws and rules can be challenged and that certainly took place this time.  She says states are not allowed to Sue other states which is why the Supreme Court chose not to look at the latest lawsuit from Texas suing battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

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