St. Cloud State Political Science Professor Patricia Bodelson joined me on WJON today.  We discussed polling.  She indicated that polling in 2016 proved not to be accurate but expects the polling to be more accurate this time.  She says that good polls call both landlines and cellphones.  She said not all polls did that 4 years ago.  Bodelson says the states most likely to be battleground states this Presidential cycle are Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and maybe Minnesota.  Listen below.


The Minnesota Senate race has also tighten up according to  Tina Smith has a 7-point lead in the latest poll but led by 9 points just a few days ago.  Bodelson feels that Biden supporters are less likely to put up signs and flags supporting their candidate.  Bodelson says President Trump's base cannot be swayed from their candidate.  Bodelson says approximately 15 percent of likely voters are undecided on their Presidential candidate and indicates that number is lower than in a typical election.

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