ROSEVILLE (WJON News) -- It's been a month and Minnesota State Lottery officials are still waiting for both of the big winners in the Minnesota Millionaire Raffle to come forward and claim their prize.

The drawing is held annually on New Year's Day.

There are just three tickets to big prizes that are still out there, including both tickets worth $1 million each.  One ticket was purchased at the Coborn's in Delano, the other at the Kwik Trip in Dundas.

The other big unclaimed prize is worth $25,000 which was bought in Minnetonka.

I total of 15,677 winning tickets were drawn on January 1st.

The Minnesota State Lottery says they increased the number of tickets available last year for the Minnesota Millionaire Raffle by 100,000.  The 800,000 total tickets still sold out in a record 22 days.

$10,000, $25,000, and $50,000 prizes can be claimed at any lottery office or by mail.

$100,000 and $1 million prizes must be claimed at the Minnesota Lottery headquarters in Roseville.

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Unless the winner chooses to opt in to publicity, their name and city will not be released. As of Sept. 1, 2021, the names and cities of lottery prize winners above $10,000 are private data.


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