SARTELL -- With today's on the go lifestyle our minds are always working. As a result the our stress levels continue to rise.

April is stress awareness month.

Patsy Murphy teaches how to manage life's stressful situations through mindfulness meditation.

"The practices that are use in the mindfulness meditation course are practices that have been used for thousands of years," says Murphy.

The practice involves sitting in a chair and focusing on your breathing.

Murphy says a lot of our stress is psychological because we worry about everything that happens.

"A lot of our stress is psychological because we make a pretty big deal of everything that happens to us," says Murphy.

She says by clearing your mind and allowing your mind to shut off for a few minutes will help ease your stress levels and even increase your immune system.

You can find a small meditation video on the CentraCare website by clicking the link


Patsy Murphy(right) leads her class through a mindfulness meditation session. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)