PAYNESVILLE -- After a night without heat, a broken gas line has been fixed and crews are working to restore gas to the residents of Paynesville.

The number of services I have heard has been around 1,400 because it's not just the city of Paynesville but it is also out in the areas of Lake Koronis and beyond the city line.

Mayor Jeff Thompson says crews restored the heat to his house early Wednesday morning.

Yeah, we were impacted, we have gas for our furnace so I was sleeping on the couch and waiting for a knock on the door. They showed up at about 5:15 a.m. so I know for a fact they've been out and about.

CenterPoint Energy shut the gas off to its customers on Tuesday evening.

Thompson says the accident involved a work crew doing a sewer project at the AMPI Dairy Plant.  He says thankfully there was no explosion.

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