FOLEY -- A St. Cloud man is charged with felony 2nd-degree assault and felony threats of violence after allegedly attacking a woman at an East St. Cloud motel.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Benton County District Court, a woman called police Monday morning to say she had been assaulted by 55-year-old Nuh Abdi.

The victim told officers she had gone to the Gateway Motel at 310 Lincoln Avenue Southeast on Saturday where she rented a room. Shortly after arriving, the woman said Abdi began bothering her, calling her derogatory names and threatening to kill her.

Records show the woman tried to avoid Abdi during the course of the weekend despite his comments about killing her.

On Monday, the woman says she walked out of an exterior door and was hit with a drinking glass on the side of her head and face. Abdi allegedly then pulled the woman to the ground by her hair and continued to attack her. Other people at the scene intervened as police were called.

Police say witness accounts and surveillance video match the woman's story.

There's no indication the suspect and the victim knew each other.