ST. CLOUD -- Health officials continue to work through the latest information regarding COVID-19.

With details on the virus changing everyday, local health officials are working hard to stay up to date.

CentraCare Doctor George Morris says he understands the concern you are feeling, but it's important to listen to the advice given by the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health. He says the social distancing guidelines are part of the activation phase of their plan.

We are making changes in response to the daily recommendations from our experts, and making changes to prepare for a wave.

Morris says while we all want to know if we have COVID-19 or not, it wouldn't change the treatment of staying home. He adds with a shortage of test kits it's important those are reserved for people at higher risk.

The best thing to do is stay home and decrease the chance of spreading this throughout the community. Then we can reserve the testing for the people who are seriously ill or at risk.

Morris says in most cases people may not even know they have been exposed as symptoms may be mild or in some cases unknown.

As the community continues to put a strong focus on social distancing, what's to say things won't pick up again once the restrictions are lifted

Morris says based on the virus models they've seen, by enforcing strict distancing guidelines there is a greater chance the virus weakens.

I really feel if we can do that, we would call it two life cycles of the virus. I think that would go a long way for us to blunt the response.

Morris says there is always risk the virus could come back.

He says instead of viewing this as a time of isolation, use your time to reconnect with your family, catch up on projects and continue to practice good hygiene habits.


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