ST. CLOUD -- What you would consider garbage is actually another art in the making in the eyes of Nicholas Jennings.

Jennings is a local craftsman who creates industrial or functional art, some of which are known as steampunk style.

The items at his booth at Summertime by George were either reclaimed or recycled.

A lot of this stuff comes from local salvage yards or just stuff I find in the fields or antique stores.

He says his ultimate goal is to boost awareness about the global environmental crisis that the earth is currently facing.

Yes, to save resources and kind of clean up the world a little bit and clean up the landfills.

Transforming garbage into a reusable resource is a creative way to begin this process of taking care of the environment and Jennings hopes his efforts will inspire more people to do the same.

He also hopes to shift the misconception that throwing away old things does not imply they are unusable in some way or other.

Story written by WJON Intern Sarv Mithaqiyan.