Marilyn Anderson

How DO you live like a millionaire when you're a million short? Don't we all want to know?



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Marilyn will share with you:

  • How you can go to fabulous FREE events
  • Get great deals at awesome restaurants
  • Travel, eat and shop for next to nothing
  • Enjoy wearing designer clothing and more.

Marilyn is a travel and entertainment writer, and shares her true life experiences with us to help us discover practical tips and useful website links.


Marilyn has quite an interesting life. She has been a writer for Murphy Brown, FAME, Sherman Oaks, Friday the 13th- The Series, and Carol & Company starring Carol Burness. She was also a co-writer and Executive Producer of the family film entitled, “How to Beat a Bully.”

She says, although she's not a millionaire yet, she has lived like one for over 20 years, and wants you to live that way too!



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