LESAUK TOWNSHIP -- With the news that the old Sartell fire station and Sartell-LeSauk Government Center has been sold, one question remains -- where will the LeSauk Township board hold their meetings?

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Board Chair Dan Heim says right now all options are on the table including leasing space or building a new town hall.

Before making a decision, the board would like to get some feedback from residents during their annual meeting next month on what direction they would like to see the board take.

Heim says as of right now, their short term plan is to hold their meetings inside the Sartell Community Center starting in June.

The Sartell-LeSauk Government Center building sold for $350,000 with LeSauk Township receiving 40% of the proceeds from the sale.

The Sartell-LeSauk Government Center was built in 1982. The Sartell Fire Department moved out of the building into the Public Safety Facility last summer.

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