Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner, lawn care might be one of those things you plan to take care of in your spare time.

It's easy to write it off as a simple task, but haphazard or incorrect care can seriously affect your curb appeal and how your neighbors view your home or business. It's also taking time away from your other commitments.

Thankfully, Ehlinger Lawn Service has experienced professionals who can keep your lawn looking healthy throughout the season — with virtually no time commitment from you. Here's a closer look at why a lawn service is better than DIY:

1) High-quality equipment and fertilizer: Ehlinger's professional team uses a five-step time-release granular fertilizer program that gives your lawn the nutrients and weed control it needs. As it grows, they use high-quality equipment to mow it and maintain it properly.

2) Saves you time: Think of all the time you WON'T be mowing, shopping for fertilizer and weed control, applying the fertilizer and weed control, and maintaining equipment. Ehlinger's team takes care of all that for you.

3) Consistency: Ehlinger's team typically mows weekly, which means you can count of your grass looking trim and attractive every day.

4) Better overall results: The professionals on Ehlinger's team have an average of 5 years experience in lawn care, so you can expect they'll provide better overall results.

It's not too late to have Ehlinger Lawn Service conduct a free lawn analysis and put together a plan for improving and maintaining the lawn at your home or business. You also could simply request a quote. To learn more and get started, visit ehlingerlawn.com.

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