The Minnesota Walleye Fishing Opener takes place Saturday.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON today.  He has some last minute tips to ensure you have a great opener.  Glen suggests getting your live bait the day before and to make sure you have all the tackle you need before your leave for your destination.  Glen says there are some jigs and fishing line on back order so don't be surprised if bait shops don't have everything you are expecting.  Schmitt also suggests patience on Saturday night.  He says expect crowds and be ready for delays getting on the lake.  He also says boat activity on the nice day will increase as the day progresses until around 5 or 6 p.m.


Schmitt suggests fishing in 10 feet of water or less.  He says he'll start at 2 feet to go from there.  Schmitt says some anglers fish close to people's docks but that isn't always well received.  He says he's been yelled at by dock owners but Glen says there is nothing illegal about fishing near someone's dock.  He says anglers need to stay away from parked boats though.  Schmitt says many people will fish for bass close to shore and have success fishing off docks.

Glen says cloudy, rainy weather is almost perfect for the bite and that's what the forecast is looking like.  Schmitt says rain wear is so good right now that he doesn't see rain as much of a problem but he's only expecting spotty showers.

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6 Things to Have for Fishing Opener in Minnesota

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