Chances are pretty good that you know someone who has been affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Or if you don’t, you will.

Those are some pretty bold statements, but they’re true.

Young or old, parent or child, families are devastated.
Multiple Sclerosis plays no favorites. Loves – and lives – are lost every year to this insidious disease.

But it IS getting better.

Your efforts have already made a difference for a lot of people right here at home, and throughout Minnesota.

Please continue to help make the lives of those who live with MS better and to find a cure.

Walk MS is Sunday, May 6th, 9 AM at Apollo High School.

Register a team – take a walk all by yourself – or maybe just make a donation!

You’ll get some exercise, and you’ll even be fed and watered! Plus, you’ll be doing something to help others. And isn’t that REALLY why we’re here?

There is much more to come, but for now, my family and I thank you.

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