Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has been named in a spoof award ceremony from the political website POLITICO.

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Klobuchar was awarded the “Amy Klobuchar Lifetime Achievement Award” by the website for her ability to show up at almost every dinner, reception, or Sunday Morning Talk Show to promote a piece of legislation.

In granting the award, POLITICO says:

In an era when most lawmakers, and certainly most senators, would never dream of attending a reception filled with staffers, reporters, and hangers-on, Klobuchar stands alone. Former aides have told us they’ve told her she'll be the only senator there, but that won't stop her from earning a SPOTTED in Playbook.

Other award winners include:

  • Senator Joe Manchin received the “John McCain Award for single-handedly keeping the Sunday morning news programs alive”.
  • Newt Gingrich received the “Forever Thirsty Award for those still after that jolt of attention long after they’ve left Congress”.
  • Marjorie Taylor-Greene received the “Donald Trump Award for pretending to hate the media while simultaneously craving their attention.

For a list of all the award recipients, click here.  



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