St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON today.  He says the city has 3 qualified interested parities in purchasing the current St. Cloud City Hall site.  Who those interested parties are isn't public yet and what they intent to do the the property isn't clear.  Kleis says the property is zoned commercial and he expects a combination or retail, grocery and/or restaurant at that site.  He says they don't expect to complete a sale of the site until after city hall moves into their new location where the old Tech High School currently stands.

Kleis says the bids came back on demolition and remodeling of the old Tech building and the bids are within the dollar range they anticipated.  He says the St. Cloud city council must approve the demolition and remodeling plan and the St. Cloud School District needs to approve the transfer of ownership of the property before demolition can happen.  Kleis expects both to happen.  He says he expects demolition of portions of the old Tech building to happen this month with the remodeling of the old portions of the building to begin this spring.  Kleis says they expect to move into the newly remodeled Tech High School building which becomes the new city hall in December of this year.  Listen to our conversation below.



Listeners to WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday had questions about the city's recycling processes.  Kleis indicated that the city on their website lays out what is accepted in the blue bins which he says doesn't include pizza boxes due to food portions in the boxes.  He says the city also offers a "special pickup" where people have request a twice a year amount of garbage which can include furniture, and many other products.  Electronics and rubber tires cannot be apart of these.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joins me every other Friday from 8:10-8:50.  His next appearance will be Friday March 19th at 8:10 a.m.

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