ST. CLOUD -- The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and that stress can increase in the kitchen, especially if you're trying to meet all the dietary needs of your guests.

We continue to hear about the dangers of food allergies and local experts say there are ways to accommodate all your guests appetites.

Briana Traut is a Registered Dietitian with CentraCare Weight Management and Lifestyle Health. She says the important thing is to educate yourself about your guests specific needs.

For example lets say your guest has a nut allergy, it's important if you know and ask the guests how severe is this allergy.

Whether it's as simple as being a vegetarian or having a severe nut allergy, the foods we prepare for our guests should consider all dietary needs. Traut says it's important to give your kitchen a full cleaning before you start preparations.

Always start with the allergy free foods you will be preparing. Going through and making sure the pots and pans you're using are cleaned thoroughly. Even if they came out of the cupboard wash them again.

Traut says if the allergy isn't too severe it could be as simple as making a second dish without a certain item.

She adds if you're the one with the food allergy don't be afraid to offer to bring your own dish to help ease the stress on the host.

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