Every now and then you see something that you think just isn’t right. Something that is out of place. Something that causes you to take a double take to make sure you’re seeing what you thought you were seeing.  

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That happened to me on Saturday. I was wrapping up running some errands and was headed to picked up my dog from the groomer and was on Highway 23 in St. Cloud, heading toward Waite Park.  

I slowed down for a stop light near the St. Cloud Library, when something caught my eye on the median, you know the concrete slab that separates the direction traffic was flowing.  

It was an oil filter, with what appeared to be oil that leaked out from it. I have sort of a sarcastic sense of humor that caused me to wonder, “how the heck did that oil filter end up there”? 

I began to imagine the stories that whoever put the oil filter in the median of a busy highway would tell. 

“The car just stalled, and I was looking for anything loose, and this darn thing just popped right off”, so I didn’t figure it was anything important. Silly Me!  

Or maybe something like this, “the change oil light came on, and I believe in handling things immediately”.  

This oil filter fell off after a “Dukes of Hazzard” style jump on the streets of St. Cloud.  

Possibly this would be the reasoning, “I didn’t have any ramps, and I noticed the median was the perfect height that I needed, but then the police started coming my way and I didn’t have time to pick up the old filter”. 

It could’ve been a scavenger hunt, you know a practical joke that a group of friends are playing on one of their friends, where they disassembled his car, and scattered the parts all around St. Cloud, and he had to use a hand drawn map to find them.  

Those were the thoughts that initially crossed my mind. This wasn’t a situation of someone dumping their trash in a strange place, there wasn’t anything else nearby. So maybe the scavenger hunt theory is so off base after all.  


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