ST. PAUL -- The federal and state tax filing season opens Friday, February 12th, one of the latest filing periods in the last decade.

Minnesota Department of Revenue spokesman Ryan Brown says it's because of the latest economic stimulus payment delivered before the end of December...

The reason for this later start date from the IRS is because it allows them more time to do additional testing and programming for their systems following the tax law change from December 27th that provided that second economic stimulus package that went through.

Brown says the tax filing opening date changes depending on new tax laws and systems upgrades. He says it typically opens in mid-to-late January.

You can still file now, but Ryan says it won't be accepted until February 12th.

The IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue are encouraging everyone to file electronically and sign up for direct deposit for a faster and more secure tax return.

The tax filing deadline for personal income tax returns is April 15th.

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