A new trend is becoming popular in Central Minnesota, ice camping.  That according to Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News.  He says people are bringing a tiny house or ice house onto the ice and spend the weekend there.  Schmitt says whole families are doing this.  He says they are spending some of the time ice fishing but most of the time watching movies, playing cards and things like that.   Schmitt says they will stay out there regardless of how the fishing is.

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Schmitt says the ice conditions are good with the amount of cold weather we'd had lately.  He says the below zero temperatures recently kept some people away but the forecasted 20 degree temperatures for the weekend should bring more people out.

Fish catching strategies can vary.  Schmitt says when it comes to jigs he prefers blue, oranges and dark colors.  He says the type of jig he is using is more important than the color.   Schmitt says factors include vertical or horizontal, the size of the jig.  He says the biggest thing is probably how confident you are in what you are doing.  Schmitt says if you believe in something you'll probably work a bit harder at it.  He says trial and error isn't a bad approach either.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Glen it is available below.  For more information about Outdoor News find it here.



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