The series of rain showers and storms that hit Central Minnesota last week has dealt additional consequences for area lakes.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON this week.  He fished the Horseshoe chain of lakes this week and that's where the pictures from this story are coming from.  Schmitt says high water levels made it difficult for anglers on fishing opener weekend because boat accesses and some boat access parking lots were under water.  He says the trouble still persists this week on many Central Minnesota lakes.

photo courtesy of Glen Schmitt
photo courtesy of Glen Schmitt

Schmitt says the water has receded a bit on smaller rivers and streams but this high water level problem could exist for awhile for lakes.  He says another challenge is the no wake zone which is making getting around a bit slower.  Schmitt says it's important to observe the no wake requirement out of respect for the lake property owners.

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Schmitt says for those who were able to get out onto area lakes the fishing was pretty good.  He says the strategy had to change a bit though.  Schmitt says the water was super dirty Monday but has cleared up a bit since. He says on smaller lakes fish the creek mouths, the inlets and outlets and channels between lakes.  Schmitt says anything with moving water is holding fish right now.  He says there is food there and plenty of current.  Schmitt says the presentation he suggests is a jig and a minnow and run some crank baits.

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Glen Schmitt it is available below.



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