KIMBALL -- Some traditional ways of celebrating Halloween might be out of the question this year, but one local group has found another way for people to dress up, have fun, and even get some free candy.

Morgan’s Motorplex has teamed up with Pearl Lake Lodge to put on a Halloween car parade. Michael Morgan is the CEO of Morgan’s Motorplex. He says it took a few tries before they were able to get a location approved for the event.

We were originally planning to do a parade in St. Cloud up 6th Ave, but unfortunately they turned that one down because of COVID restrictions and stuff like that. Then we tried working with the city police on a much shorter route that would basically circle the tech college, but that also got turned down.

The event is free for participants and spectators. Morgan says he just wants people to have fun with it.

The only thing that we ask people if they are participating is to try and dress up their vehicle whether that be silly string or a unicorn or eyebrows or something like that. Maybe some ghost sheets over the car as long as you cut holes so you can see. Definitely dress up the cars if you plan on throwing candy.

Drivers are encouraged to bring along a passenger who can throw candy out of the right side of the car.

People attending are encouraged to dress up, wear masks, practice social distancing, and bring a bag for candy.

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