ST. CLOUD - A Summertime by George veteran will be taking the stage tonight. GB Leighton will take the stage tonight at Summertime by George. The band has been playing at the summer festival for a few years. Frontman Brian Leighton says he's excited to be back in St. Cloud because it's a great place to play, and he has fun with the people at the show. One of his favorite parts of Summertime by George is getting to play outside in the heat.

It's a lot better than air conditioned bars, and stuff like that because if I'm sweating, I like sweating, feels really good on the throat to have humidity in the air to sing. It's Minnesota and it's like if you can play outside in the summer, that's where people are going to be because nobody wants to really be inside.

Leighton has produced eleven studio albums with his band, all without a major record label. He says his latest album, Get Up, has a country influence, but he is affected by all kinds of music, including Elvis Presley.

I love the way that Elvis would do a gospel album, or a rock & roll album, or a blues album, or a country album. That's always been kind of the way I want to sing. I'm affected by a lot of different kinds of music out there, and I love it all.

GB Leighton will take the stage at Lake George starting at 6:30 p.m. Opening tonight's concert will be songwriter Julie Patchouli and guitarist Bruce Hecksel. They play New American Folk which brings elements of folk, pop, jazz, and world beat rhythms together.

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