BUFFALO (WJON News) - A Buffalo resident saw an opportunity in all the snow we’ve had this year.

Eric Fobbe has built a nearly 30-foot high, 20-foot wide snowman in his front yard on the South side of Buffalo.

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Construction took over 40 hours last weekend. While some of the work was done with a loader and snowblower, Fobbe says a lot of it is still done by hand. He built a temporary snow staircase to the top of the snowman to help place the hat, which weighs over 75 pounds.

Fobbe’s wife named the snowman “Frosty Fobbe”.

This is the fourth snowman the family has built, and it’s five feet higher than their snowman last year.

You can check out Frosty for yourself at the corner of Buffalo Run Road and Rodeo Drive, just off Highway 25 South of Buffalo.

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