Photo courtesy of Minority Liberty Alliance

ST. CLOUD -- The 2012 elections are serving as a wake up call to Republicans after seeing the growing impact of minority voting throughout the county.

However, there are some within the conservative movement who are looking to make connections in minority communities here in Central Minnesota.

Since 2010, former Sauk Rapids state representative, Doc Severson has been working to build a relationship between immigrants and fellow conservatives.

What started as a squirrel hunt with Hmong leaders three years ago, has now grown into the Minority Liberty Alliance.

Severson says a true representation of minority values are missing in American politics.

The group's efforts have been met with positive reactions, says Severson. And although MLA is building relationships, that is not the only action the group is looking to take.

Severson says political parties often times use minorities to get votes, but do not actually make them part of the process. One key element of MLA is to change that by finding candidates and giving them the resources they need to get involved.

Minorities overwhelming supported President Obama in the 2012 elections - giving him 80% of their vote. Severson says Republicans needs to get minorities involved if they want to be relevant in the future.

The Republican Party rolled out a post-election review last month. As part of the review, the party says it plans to spend $10 million on an overhaul, which includes minority outreach efforts.