SARTELL -- This week in our "Fitness Friday" series on WJON, we learn how you can stay fit while pregnant.

Even while you're pregnant you can still keep up with your fitness goals.

Dayna Deters of Dayna Deters Fitness just finished her first trimester of her pregnancy.


She says if you choose to keep up with your workouts while pregnant make sure you monitor your heart rate.

"I'm a big runner, but I do go a little bit slower now and I really focus on my heart rate so if it gets sky high, you want to make sure you're slowing that down," says Deters.

She says strength training will help with your pregnancy, but make sure you listen to your body and modify your workouts if needed.

"Strength training is a must, it's one of the best things you can do to keep your body strong throughout your pregnancy and it will help you recover a lot faster," says Deters.

Deters says you don't need to eat extra calories right away. Gradually increasing your calorie intake throughout your pregnancy will help keep you and your baby healthy.

"Your first trimester you don't need to eat extra calories, the second trimesters you should eat 300 extra calories each day, and the last trimester you will eat around 500 extra calories each day," says Deters.

Finally she adds to not get down on yourself as you may be limited to what you can do. She says to keep a smile on your face and know tomorrow will be better.

"One week may be great the next not at all, but don't get down on yourself, remember you are pregnant and make sure you give your body time to recover," says Deters.

If you are working out make sure to check with your doctor and know your limitations.

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