ST. CLOUD -- A class designed for moms-to-be to relax and prepare for birth is now being offered in the Granite City.

Gentle Flow Prenatal Yoga is one of the newest pregnancy-related classes at For All of Maternity. For All of Maternity opened about a month ago in Centennial Plaza on Veterans Drive.

Holly Cimenski is the yoga instructor for the class. She says the class focuses on poses to prepare them for labor.

"I like to do a lot of hip openers and things that help prepare for labor as well as just poses that help ease any back tension or any pain that they might be having from pregnancy."

One of the main differences between a prenatal yoga class and a typical yoga class is a prenatal class is designed to keep mom and baby safe.

"When you're doing a prenatal class you're doing poses that are safe for pregnant women. Where as if a pregnant women were to go to a regular yoga class they'd want to tell the instructor ahead of time so that the instructor knows to offer different variations of poses just because sometimes there might be some poses that might not be as safe for a pregnant woman who is not used to doing yoga all of the time."

Cimenski says other than the yoga itself the class offers a relaxing and supportive environment for future moms.

"I also like to add in affirmations for mothers. A lot of times women are scared of labor and pregnancy so I like to add in some affirmations just so they can repeat to themselves during class or even outside of class to make them feel prepared and confident."

You can follow the class at your own pace. Cimenski says it's completely fine to do a different pose that you're more comfortable with or you can sit down and relax throughout the class. She says the key part is that you are relaxed and feel comfortable.

Gentle Flow Prenatal Yoga is offered Mondays and Wednesday from 5:00 - 5:55 p.m. If you're interested in signing up for the class you can walk in. Cimenski says drop-ins are welcome. For more class information follow the link below.

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